That shining star! ✮

It´s impossible not to get inspired after I watched the Super Bowl Halftime Show and the absolutely amazing performance from Katy Perry last night! That shining star at the end of the show ...♥♥♥ sweet as this song to start the week! ;)  Happy Monday everyone! 

My eyes can only see rainbows!

I don´t know about you, but i´ve been feeling obsessed with rainbows! Not sure if i´m smelling a new trend coming for 2015, but we wish a year full of good things, lots of work and of course a life full of colour! Welcome again! ;)

Envelope Series Workshop for SMUG

Just wanted to update a few events in the past months, here there is the Envelope Series Workshop for Smug in London!


Oh well… Hi there!!! I really really didn´t know where to start! But after a long time without blogging, I have great news! WE ARE BACK!!!  And to celebrate, there is a lot of ice cream! Welcome! :)

1. Sundae Sundae reversible quilt cover by Sack Me!
2. Everyday Objects Optical Illusions vía Fubiz
3. Popsicle Patterns by Striped Cat Studio
4. Camille Styles, Lick Honest Ice Creams
5. Unknown Author, Image via Veronica Loves Archie

Stationery treasures London 2013

Los que me conocen, saben que soy una apasionada por los artículos de papelería en general. Tengo adicción por los lápices, colecciono borradores y no puedo andar sin mi agenda ni mi cartuchera. Y como era de esperarse no aguanté las ganas de comprar algunas cositas aquí en Londres. Les dejo mis nuevas adquisiciones para el 2013!

Those who know me, knows i´m a stationery lover. I have an unstoppable adiction for pencils, I collect erasers and I cannot be without mi diary and my pencil case. And as expected I couldn´t be tempted to buy a few things here in London. Here they are some of my new stationery treasures for 2013!

La bolsita de lápices la conseguí en el Mercado de Brick Lane  /  I found the pencil case at  Brick Lane Backyard Market
Estos marcadores retro los conseguí en una papelería en Greenwich  / I got this retro markers at a stationery store in Greenwich.
OMG!!! Mis lápices!!! Los compré en Paperchase  /  OMG!!! My pencils!!! I bought them at Paperchase.
Sólo amé estas postales y el cuaderno de la izquierda es especial para escribir una frase diaria! Perfecto para mis noches! Lo conseguí en Paperchase también. / I felt in love with this postals and the notebook at the left is to write a       diary paragraph! Perfect for me at night! I found it as well at Paperchase.

Mis primeras en compras en Present & Correct, fuí afortunada en estrenar la nueva tienda que abrieron en Angel hace tan sólo un mes!  /  My first shopping at Present & Correct, I was lucky to debut the new store in Angel opened just a month ago!

Algunos souvenirs de mi visita a una exhibición en National Portrait Gallery / Some souvenirs on my visit to an exhibition at National Portrait Gallery

Recuerdos de mi visita al Mercado de las Flores en Columbia Road y el mercado de los estudiantes del Royal College of Arts. El cuaderno es del artista Rob Ryan  / Souvenirs from my visit to Columbia Road Flower Market and students market at Royal College of Arts. The notebook was desing by the paper cutting artist Rob Ryan.

Este kit para empacar regalos lo compré en una tienda hermosa especializada en telas y mercería ubicada también en Columbia Road / I bought this gift pack kit at a beautiful store specializing in fabrics and haberdashery in Columbia Road as well.

Mis antojos de Muji  /  My Muji delights 

Mi agenda 2013 es un Moleskine que compré en Paperchase  /  I bought my Moleskine 2013 diary at Paperchase
... Y bienvenido 2013!!! Que empiecen de nuevo miles de sueñosy metas! ;)  /  ... And welcome 2013!!! The start of new dreams and goals!!! ;)

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